Cash Passport - Use Overseas Or Online

  • Cash Passport is accepted at over 35.9 million locations worldwide and gives you access to 2.1 million ATMs.
  • Load 10 currencies on a single card. Choose from: (AUD,USD, EUR, GBP,NZD, THB, CAD, HKD, JPY, SGD).
  • Cash Passport is a prepaid card, separate from your everyday banking. This gives you extra security when travelling or buying online.
  • Lock in exchange rates, ahead of time. Know exactly how much money you have to spend.
  • Use for overseas purchases in-store, online or to withdraw cash from international ATMs^
  • 24/7 global emergency assistance means dedicated support for you when travelling. More here.
  • Cash Passport is reloadable, meaning you can add more money whenever you like.
  • CHIP + PIN + Signature protection for peace of mind.
  • Please see the PDS for details on fees and charges.
More on how your Multi-Currency Cash Passport works

Get more from your travel card

  • Utilise your prepaid travel card like an international credit card, except only spend the funds you have pre-loaded.
  • Take advantage of the added security of using a prepaid card abroad, separating your foreign spending from your everyday accounts.
  • Shop online securely using the relevant foreign currency. Save money with no International ATM fees*.
  • Load multiple currencies onto your card as required. You can store up to 10 currencies on the single card.
  • Top your card up whenever you like. Take advantage of strong or weak foreign currencies, helping you buy currency at known exchange rates for future use.
  • You don't need to carry cash when travelling. No International ATM fees* grants you the freedom to withdraw money only as you need it. No cash, no worries.

Cash Passport help centre

  • Your Multi-currency Cash Passport Card will generally be activated within two (2) business hours of collection.
  • You can use your Multi-currency Cash Passport Card at over 2 million MasterCard® ATMs  as well as over 35.9 million MasterCard merchants including shops and restaurants.
  • The Card can also be used online at merchants that accept MasterCard.
  • Simply keep your Multi-currency Cash Passport Card for your next trip.
  • Your Multi-currency Cash Passport Card is valid until the date shown on the front of the Card.
  • Until then, you can load it with additional funds as often as you like (up to the reload limits).

    Alternatively, you can choose to close your Card account

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  • How much should I load on my Multi-currency Cash Passport Card?
  • How do I check the balance on my card?
  • What should I do with my Multi-currency Cash Passport Card after the trip?
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