How to reload Cash Passport

Reloading your Cash Passport is simple.

Whether you are currently overseas and wanting to add additional funds to your card, or looking to pre-purchase funds before you go away - the process is a quick and easy.

Remember, your Cash Passport is valid for up to 5 years, making it the ideal prepaid card (acting as both a travel money card and that of a prepaid card in general) for use internationally, domestically and online.

Here is how to reload your Cash Passport:

Reload in-store at Travel Money Oz

You can reload your Cash Passport in any Travel Money Oz store Australia wide. There are also no reload fees when reloading instore in foreign currency.

Click here to locate your nearest Travel Money Oz store.

Any funds you add in person become available in no more than four business hours.

You will need to pay in person and bring along valid photo ID. If you are outside of Australia, reloading online is the recommended method of adding extra money to your Cash Passport.

Reload online via this website

You can reload your Cash Passport directly from this site. To do this, you can click here to reload now or login to my account to reload.

This option is great for those wishing to make quick payment and lock in exchange rates.

Reload online directly via BPAY ®

Through BPAY®, you can reload your Multi-currency Cash Passport at any time - wherever you have access to internet banking.

It's the same process as paying a bill. Just enter the payment details below, the amount you wish to add and then confirm the transaction.

Please note that 1% fee applies to reloads directly via BPAY® and will be subtracted from the total amount you send via online banking.

  • Biller Code: 184416
  • Reference Number: Your 16-digit Card number

Please be aware that BPAY® reloads can take up to two business days to process. So make sure you've always got enough currency on your Card for those unexpected expenses.