Corporate Cash Passport

 Corporate Cash Passport™

Corporate Cash Passport is a prepaid business expenses card that can be used at millions of ATMs and retailers around the world, where MasterCard®  is accepted, to withdraw local currency or purchase goods and services

Corporate Cash Passport can be used as an alternative to cash, travellers cheques and corporate credit/debit cards. The Cards are all managed by the company centrally, online, via Corporate Cash Passport's proprietary Card management system. 


- Australian issued Corporate Cash Passport's can be loaded in Australian Dollars

- Pre-loaded by your company, allowing greater control over employee expenses, with instant issuance

- Corporate Cash Passport can be used to withdraw local currency from  ATMs worldwide, or to pay for goods and services at retailers around the world, wherever the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark is displayed

- 24/7 multi-lingual support if the Corporate Cash Passport is lost or stolen

- Full reporting and Management Information

- Ideal for staff who may not qualify for a corporate credit card

It enables Australian companies to monitor and manage their business travel expenses more efficiently by centralising all expenditure. No more travellers cheques, messy cash deliveries or budgetary control issues. Instead, Corporate Cash Passport is a prepaid travel card, loadable at the touch of a button, in Australian Dollars. It’s the ideal way to get foreign travel money or per diem expenses straight into the hands of employees, with a minimum of administrative waste and a valuable audit trail with robust Management Information. It is a great alternative to a corporate credit card.


  • How do I change my PIN?

    If you are a Corporate Cash Passport cardholder (from Australia), you cannot change your PIN. For a PIN reminder, you can phone Card Services for a PIN reminder through the automated service, or register your Card on ‘My Account’ at any time.

  • What do I do if my Corporate Cash Passport is lost or stolen?

    If you’ve lost your Corporate Cash Passport or it is stolen, please contact the company that gave you the Card immediately.

    Alternatively, contact Card Services, so that they can cancel your Card.

  • Where can I use my Corporate Cash Passport?

    You can use your Corporate Cash Passport at ATMs worldwide displaying the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark. There are millions of MasterCard ATMs worldwide, that you can withdraw local currency from. To check on their location, visit the ATM locator

    Alternatively, you can use your Corporate Cash Passport to pay directly for goods or services at merchants worldwide that accept MasterCard.

    You can still use your Corporate Cash Passport in countries or areas with a different currency. The system will automatically convert your stored currency to the local one, for example, if you have a AUD loaded on your Corporate Cash Passport, you can still use it at ATMs in America*. 

    Please note: There are a number of countries where the use of Corporate Cash Passport is not allowed as they are subject to US economic sanctions. If you attempt to use your Card in any of these countries, your request will be declined and the reason given as 'Decline, prohibited country'**.

    * Merchant transactions and ATM withdrawals in a currency other than the currency of the Card will be exchanged to the currency on the Card, at an exchange rate determined by MasterCard on the day the transaction is processed.

    ** The countries and geographical regions currently affected by the sanctions are: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea and Crimea.

  • How do I register my Corporate Cash Passport Online?

    Click on the link for, My Account and enter your 16 digit Card number (which can be found on the front of your Card). You will be taken to another screen, which will ask you to enter a User Name and Password.   


    As an unregistered user you will not have a User Name and Password, so please select the 'Need a Login?' link and then follow the instructions on the screen.

  • What do I do if I find an incorrect transaction on my Corporate Cash Passport?

    If you have any queries about your Corporate Cash Passport, please refer to the company who gave you the Card, in the first instance.

    If you do not recognise a transaction made with your Corporate Cash Passport, please contact Card Services immediately.Failure to do so may prevent the company from recovering the value of any unrecognised transactions made with your Corporate Cash Passport, and any transactions made before the loss/theft is reported.

    It is recommended that you check your transaction history and Card balance at least once a month.

  • What if the ATM asks for a six digit PIN?

    In some countries, you may be asked for a six digit PIN, when using an ATM. However, Corporate Cash Passport uses a standard four digit PIN, which will still be accepted if the ATM has been set-up correctly in compliance with MasterCard regulations.

    If you need assistance with any PIN issues, please call Card Services.

  • What if my Corporate Cash Passport is declined?

    This may happen if you don’t have enough funds on your Card to cover the cost of the purchase. If the merchant supports it, you can use your Cash Passport to make a partial payment, and cover the balance with some other payment method. Just make sure you tell the cashier before you start the transaction and confirm the amount you want to be deducted from your Card. The cashier should process your Corporate Cash Passport payment first, and then accept the remainder of the balance in whichever way you want to pay it.

    In some countries there may be daily or weekly withdrawal limits from ATMs, which may be lower than the limit on your Card

    If you have a query about the available balance on your Corporate Cash Passport, please contact the company that provided you with your Card.

  • What is pre-authorisation?

    It is not recommended to use your Corporate Cash Passport as a guarantee of payment for hotels, car rentals, etc. These companies may estimate your bill, and if you use your Card as a guarantee for the estimated amount, those funds will be temporarily unavailable to access or spend. You can, of course, use your Corporate Cash Passport to settle your final bill.

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